Seyval Blanc by The Friends of the Forgotten Grapes

Seyval Blanc

This week, the great folks at The Friends of the Forgotten Grapes featured Seyval Blanc, or as they refer to it, The Frozen White (Wine) Witch of the North.

The blog writes: “Coming from and thriving in as cold climates as Seyval Blanc does, you’d think that the wines produced from the grape would be thin, pale, and perhaps even a little green vis-a-vis some of the cooler weather German varietals. But you’d be wrong. Seyval Blancs tend to have a very bright pale yellow/golden color. Not nearly as rich and golden as a Viognier or a Chardonnay, but similar to Semillons and Sauvignon Blancs that are out there. As always, aging a Seyval in oak will only deepen and intensify the golden color, but more than likely, if you’ve picked up a Seyval, it’s going to be bright light yellow.”

More from the blog,

Seyval Blanc is truly a delicious wine, and one of the real undiscovered gems in this country not yet uncovered by the wine intelligentsia. Her heart may be as cold as ice, and her tongue might be acid sharp, but this United Grape of America Seyval Blanc is a wine you can warmly embrace, enjoy, and truly fall in love with, despite her
upbringing and where she might come from.


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